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January 08, 2019

Blender 2.8 Move Rotate and Scale

move rotate scale objects in blender 2.8
Hello friends I hope you are enjoying and follow this tutorial series. In this tutorial I will show you how to move, rotate and scale objects and it's vertices, edges and faces in blender 2.8. So let's start.

Moving Objects

You can move objects in two ways in Blender 2.8. You can either go to the Tools tab and select move from there or press KEYBOARD KEY G to instantly move objects. I will prefer the second method because it will make your workflow faster. I prefer doing modelling or anything in blender with keyboard shortcuts that are available in Blender.

So after selecting the object and pressing G, if you move your mouse you will see the selected object moves instantly. You can now Press LEFT CLICK to accept the move amount or press RIGHT CLICK to cancel it. Press N to open the Right side bar. Now move again with Pressing G. You will see how much your object is moving in the Location Properties. In location there are 3 properties - X Y and Z. X means global left or right direction. Y means global front or back direction and Z means global up and down direction.

Blender 2.8 location rotation scale property N sidebar

Now suppose you wanna move objects only in X, Y or Z direction. Its very simple. Just press X (to move x direction), Y (to move y direction) or Z (to move z direction) after pressing G to move your object. While your object is moving you can press any number to move the object with the specified amount.

Now what will you do if you want to move your  object in the local X, Y or Z direction. Press XX, YY or ZZ after pressing G. You can press ALT + G to clear all location in Object mode. This will move your object to center of the world origin(0,0,0). You see everything in Blender is very simple.

Now go to edit mode by pressing TAB. You can move vertices, edges and face exactly the same way what you have learned above. Now check the below video to see it properly.

Rotating Objects

You can Rotate objects by either go the tools tab and select Rotate from there. Now you can rotate your object by selecting its handles or you can rotate objects by pressing R. It will instantly rotate your object in any direction. 

You can control the rotation direction by pressing X, Y or Z. Press XX, YY or ZZ to rotate object in Local axis in object mode. You can clear all rotation with ALT + R in object mode. While your object is in Rotation mode after pressing R you can input any number to specify the rotation amount. 

Now press TAB to go into edit mode. Then select minimum two vertices or select any edge or face and rotate them by applying the above tricks. Now see the below video to watch how I am doing this.

Scaling Objects

Similarly you can scale objects either by go to the tools tab and select Scale tool from there or press S to scale objects. I will recommend scale objects by pressing S.

After selecting the object press S it will scale your objects instantly. While your object is in scaling mode you can input any number to specify its scale amount. You can press X, Y or Z after pressing S to scale objects in any of the axis. You can do this in edit mode also. Select any face, vertices (minimum 2) or edges in edit mode. You can also clear scale in Object mode by pressing ALT + S.  Now you can scale them by applying the tricks given above. See the below video to see how you can scale objects.

Shrink or Fatten Objects

You can Shrink or Fatten objects with 3 ways. First you can activate the tool from toolbar in edit mode and click and drag your mouse to make it shrink or fatten. 

Second you can do this with a trick. you can press S and press SHIFT + Z to make it scale in X and Y axis, SHIFT + X to make it scale in Y and Z axis and press SHIFT + Y to make it scale in X and Z axis. You can do this trick in object and edit mode both.

Third you can simply press ALT + S to activate shrink/fatten tool. But you have to do this in edit mode only. because pressing ALT + S in object mode will clear the scale Now just move your mouse to make it work. You can do this in edit mode only.  See the below video  to watch it. 

So these are the ways you can Move Rotate and Scale objects in Blender. Later you will learn more about these things. It was just an introduction. So follow this website to learn more about Blender 2.8.

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