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August 21, 2019

Blender 2.8 - Background Image

Hello all, in this tutorial I am going to show you how to add background images or reference images in Blender 2.8. So follow this tutorial to know every thing about background images.

Press your number key 1 to go to the front orthographic view. You can press 3 to go the Right view or 7 to go Top view. Also you can use CTRL + 1/3/7 to go to the inverted views like CTRL + 1 will set your view to Back orthographic.

blender 2.8 front orthographic view
Now press SHIFT+A to open Add menu. From that menu select Image then click on Background

Blender 2.8 image background Shift + A

This will open a new window. From there go to your image location and select the image file and press on the Load Background Image button.

Load Background Image Blender 2.8

So now you can see your Image placed behind the 3d cube. 

Background Image 3d view

If you now pan your view with middle mouse button to go to the perspective view you will see the image is not showing in the perspective view. The image is only can be seen in the front orthographic view. We can change this settings. At first we will change the transparency of the image.

Select the image and then go to the Object data tab (See below Image). From there check on the Use Alpha option and set the transparency slider to 0.5. Now we can see through our model. 

From that tab also check on the Display perspective option so this will show our image to the perspective view also. 

Use Alpha Display Perspective Blender 2.8

display perspective background image

Now you can select the Image and press G to move, R to rotate and S to scale your Image same as other 3d objects to fit it where you want to set your Image. 

I hope you understand this tutorial and learned everything about Background Images in Blender 2.8.  

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