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August 31, 2019

Blender 2.8 Modelling - Procedural Chain

How to model a procedural chain with Array and Curve modifier in Blender 2.8


1. Delete the default cube and add a Torus into the viewport

2. Change Major and Minor Segments to 12 and 8 respectively (See Video at 00:11)

3. Go to EDIT mode and select the middle edge loops by pressing ALT + A and then CTRL + B to Bevel those edges (See Video at 00:17)

4. Press Z to open Shading Pie menu and select Wireframe Then press B and select half of the vertices and move them slightly to the right (See Video at 00:26)

5. Press CTRL + R to add some edge loops (See Video at 00:35)

6. Go to object mode and set its Origin to Geometry

7. Press SHIFT + S and select Selection to Cursor (See Video at 00:47)

8. Go to edit mode and box select half of the vertices by pressing B and duplicate them by pressing SHIFT + D (See Video at 00:56)

9. Then press R > X and 90 to rotate the duplicated vertices 90 degree in the X axis and move it to the left (See Video at 01:03)

10. Set Pivot Point to 3D Cursor (See Video at 01:12)

11. Press SHIFT D to duplicate the selection and then press S > X > -1 (See Video at 01:15)

12. Press SHIFT + N to fix the normals after selecting all of the vertices

13. Add a Subdivision Surface modifier

14, Press Right Click and select Shade Smooth to smooth the object

15. Now add a Array modifier and check on Merge

16. Now Scale the object and apply the scale by pressing CTRL+A

17. Then go to Top view by pressing 7 and Add a Bezier Curve

18. Press Tab to go into edit mode and Extrude the vertices of the curve to make it longer

19. Select the corner point of the Curbe after pressing Tab Then Press Shift+S and select Cursor to Selected (See Video at 02:52)

20. Now right click on the curve in object mode and set it's origin to Origin to 3D Cursor (See Video at 02:55)

21.Now select the Chain and select Selection to Cursor to move the object to the cursor (See Video at 02:59)

22. Go to the Array modifier and change fit type to Fit Curve and select the Bezier curve from the list (See Video at 03:07)

23. Now add a Curve modifier and select the same Bezier curve from the list (See Video at 03:16)

24. Now you can move the bezier curve to move chain or Extrude the curve points to make chain Longer (See Video at 03:27)

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