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August 28, 2019

Blender 2.8 Texturing Tutorial - Normal Map

How to create a normal map in Blender 2.8

Hello friends today in this tutorial I am going to show you how to create a normal map from a High poly model and apply the normal map to a Low poly model in Blender 2.8.

  • Delete the 3d cube by pressing X.
  • Create a plane in the 3d viewport with SHIFT + A.
  • Press Tab to go into edit mode
  • Then Right click on the object and select Subdivide and enter 100 in the number of cuts field and press Enter.
  • Now go to Sculpting Tab and draw some details in the Object only with the default draw brush.
  • Now smooth the object by pressing Right Click on the model and select Shade Smooth.
  • Double click on the object name to rename the object anything you like. I am renaming it to "High". 
  • Now add another plane on the same place and rename it to anything you like. I am renaming it to "Low".
  • Select the "Low" object and go to UV Editing tab then select all the vertices and press U then select Unwrap.
  • Now create a new texture and name it "NormalMap" then unchecked Alpha and press OK.
  • Then go to shading tab. Create a new material and name it Normal or anything you like.
  • Press Shift + A and click on Search and type Image  Texture then press Enter.
  • Select the NormalMap texture from the drop down list which you have created before.
  • Change the Color Space to Non-Color.
  • Also Change the viewport shading to Rendered.
  • Now select the object named "High" first and shift select the object named "Low".
  • Go to Render Settings and change Render Engine to Cycles.
  • Then go to Bake section and change Bake Type to Normal.
  • Click on Selected to Active and change Ray Distance to 1m and Click on Bake.
  • Now select the high poly object and move it to the side of the low poly object.
  • Then select the Low poly object and connect the "Color" to "Normal" (see video at 03:01).
  • Now press Shift + A and search for Normal Map and add it between NormalMap and Principled BSDF node. (See video at 03:10)
  • You can now see that the high poly details are on the low poly model without having so much geometry.
  • Now Save the Normal Map image to your local disk. (See video at 03:25)

That's it. I hope this video has helped you. Please leave a comment if you have any question. 

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