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September 10, 2019

How to taper a curve in Blender 2.8

Step 1

First go to Top view by pressing 7. Press SHIFT+A ➡ Curve ➡ Bezier to create a Bezier curve in the 3D Viewport.

add bezier curve blender 2.8

Step 2

In the Object Data context menu go to Geometry then Bevel and change the Depth value.

blender 2.8 geometry bevel depth

Step 3

Now create another Bezier Curve and move it slightly to the up so that you can see the previously created Curve object. We will use the newly created curve to tapering the main object.

Select the previously created curve which you have changed the depth value. Now go to Geometry then in the Taper Object select the new curve. You can clearly see how the main curve object has deformed.

blender 2.8 taper object

Step 4

Select the newly created curve and press Tab to go into edit mode. Then select and move the points to control the Taper in the main object.

curve edit mode control taper

Step 5

At last select the main curve object and Go to Object ➡ Convert To and select Mesh From Curve/Meta/Surf/Text, to convert the Curve object to a Mesh. Now you can press Tab to go into edit mode and modify the mesh.

mesh from curve meta surf text blender 2.8

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